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Inspiring Internships in Impact Start-Ups

What We Do

T ern-up teams up with African and Asian entrepreneurs to offer unique English-speaking internships in start-ups that have made it their mission to positively impact their communities, society or the environment. So called impact start-ups.

Our Organization
Our Commitment

Tern-up is a Germany-based social enterprise that offers you unique internships in selected impact start-ups worldwide. After a careful curation and vetting process, Tern-Up teams up with our selected start-ups to identify areas of need and draw up great, mutually beneficial internships for our international interns and entrepreneurs alike. Once placed, we support you in organizing your trip and time on the ground.

Your Internship
Your Impact

Working alongside our start-up entrepreneurs in their quest to positively affect their communities, our interns gain invaluable professional and personal experience. At the same time they help create international teams, add valuable man or woman power, bring unique complementary skills and offer fresh perspectives and ideas – helping their start-up to make an even bigger impact.

Our Mission
Our Vision

With our internships Tern-Up aims to create lasting professional and personal relationships that help us build a worldwide network of like-minded change-makers, companies, organizations and supporters contributing to social and environmental change in Africa, Asia and the West.

Why Start-Ups

With unprecedented access to technology, capital and expertise, impact start-ups are among the most effective drivers of positive change worldwide today.

Unlike NGOs that largely depend on donors or temporary funding, start-ups aim to run on the strength of their business models, making them more independent and sustainable in the long run.

Tern-up strongly believes in the power of these young impact entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Our Team