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Our Partners
  • Lagos, Nigeria


Pairing state-of-the-art app and blockchain technology with a fleet of souped-up motorcycles, Lifebank quality-controls and emergency-delivers lifesaving medical products such as blood, blood products and oxygen to hospitals in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

  • Lagos, Nigeria


Wecyclers tackles the garbage and plastic waste crisis in the 21-million-people city of Lagos – Nigeria’s dynamic commercial capital, Africa’s most populous megacity and, unfortunately, a city drowning in its own trash.

  • Lagos, Nigeria


Hotels.NG is an online hotel booking start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria, that helps customers book good, clean and safe hotels across Nigeria and beyond.


With unprecedented access to technology, capital and expertise, impact start-ups are among the most effective drivers of positive change worldwide today.

Unlike NGOs that largely depend on donors or temporary funding, start-ups aim to run on the strength of their business models, making them more independent and sustainable in the long run.

Tern-up strongly believes in the power of these young impact entrepreneurs and their businesses.